Thursday, July 5, 2012


 *1st stop: dinner at Sammy's in Pleasant Grove

Have you ever been to Sammy's Cafe? There are 2 in Utah and 1 in Idaho. They have delicious food and a super fun atmosphere. Ryan's best friend is the famous Sam behind "Sammy's." Ryan has been to Utah loads of times to visit Sam over the last couple years, but I never go with him because it's usually kind of a dudes trip, plus we can't afford it. So I had never been to a Sammy's and was very excited to finally get a taste of a real pie shake! (that's where they put a whole slice of real pie into your shake and blend it up.) We convinced Sam to take us on a Sammy's tour: 1st stop- dinner at Sammy's in Pleasant Grove, 2nd stop- dessert at Sammy's in Provo. I got a yummy burger with sweet potato fries for dinner and, no joke, a couple different real pie shakes for dessert. If you're ever in Pleasant Grove, Provo, or Rexburg, do yourself a favor and make a special detour to try the banana cream pie shake (that one was my very favorite).
 *2nd stop: real pie shakes for dessert at Sammy's in Provo 

Wendy LOVES uncle Sam. It took her a while to warm up to him, but he really tries to win the nieces and nephews over and he wore her down. She now wants to name our next baby boy "Sam" and names any boy "Sam" when she's playing pretend (she likes to pretend she is the mom, "Vanessa," and I am the dad, "Sam." She gets mad if I don't talk in a deep man voice when I'm playing the part of Sam... I'm not allowed to talk with my normal mom voice when she's supposed to be the mom.She was so excited to discover that both she and uncle Sam have burger joints named after them: Wendy's and Sammy's. In a battle between frosties and real pie shakes, I have to say, I think real pie shakes would win.

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you live a fun life Heather with your husband and kids. Best blog on the net! Love to follow your posts. Tata and Gwendolyn