Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tiny Tots

* 9/6/2011 - Wendy's 1st Day of Preschool

Dear Wendy,

Yesterday was your first day of preschool. You were SO excited. You kept asking me and your dad a million questions like, "What's my teacher's name? What does she look like? What kind of hair does she have? Is it brown, or white, or red, or blue, or green? Will there be a playground there? Will it have swings? Will I have any friends there? What about Harper? What kind of backpack can I get? How about a Giselle one?" You could hardly sleep the night before.

I know it's only preschool, but I have such mixed emotions about all this. I'm so excited to watch you grow, progress and learn new things. You are so smart and I know it will be wonderful for you to be in an environment that will allow you to begin to develop to your potential and intellect. But part of me wouldn't mind keeping you just the way you are now for a little longer. I keep thinking things like,"If we get to preschool and she skips in without looking back, I'm gonna cry. But if she goes into her classroom runs back to me crying, I'm gonna cry." I didn't cry, but it was a little hard for me to walk away from you. Your teacher, Miss Lisa, could sense my
hesitation and told me that it's usually harder for the parents than the children. I hope she's right.

I hope that as you begin your schooling you remember to reach out to the other kids who seem to need a friend. I hope that when you're away from me and surrounded by your tiny peers that you are not too intimated to let your adorable personality shine. I yearn for your teacher, your schoolmates, and especially for you to appreciate how smart, fun and clever you are. I hope going to school doesn't mute your personality, you know, the one that lights up my day, every day. I've heard it said that everyone always thinks their first child is a genius, and I'm no exception. You are brilliant and I know it.

Thank you for the joy you bring into my life.

I love you sweetheart.



Beth said...

I think your letter summed it up on how all mommies’ feel...on your child's first day of pre-school, kindergarten, Jr High, High School and College

You were the little girl not so long ago. Love you and Wendy!

jenn (+ will) said...

cute cute cute!!!!!!

J said...

I can't believe she's in preschool!! From your posts she seems so outgoing and full of energy! I'm sure she's going to love school and make many friends!!

Melany said...

penny started a little preschool class, too! it's only 2 days a week but it's so weird to have my baby in "school"! wendy looks adorable!