Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, to Wendy's 3rd Birthday We Go...

So let me rewind a little and tell you about Wendy's Snow White Princess/Knight party. She has been talking about her "Snow White Party" since she was about 2 1/2 and realized what a birthday party was. (Until "Tangled" came out and Rapunzel became her new favorite princess. Sorry sweetheart, it was too late).

*black frame from ikea
*used black posterboard with swirly alphabet stickers from michaels to turn the frame into a magic mirror

I kept saying that I wouldn't go all out, that I was too pregnant and this party was going to be low key. I kept saying that as I made a wishing well, candied "poison" apples, a magic mirror, a costume station full of princess dresses for the girls, capes and swords for the boys, and a princess pinata. But once I started I couldn't stop. I kept getting these ideas and felt like I HAD to them. As I was up sewing capes by hand the night before I kept thinking, "Somebody make me stop!" Ryan kept teasing me, asking me what a party would look like if I DID "go all out." But all of the craziness paid off, the party turned out really cute.

*hand painted large deconstructed cardboard boxes and faux wisteria vine from michaels for the wishing well

I loved how giddy Wendy was the whole time. She's at an age where she'll say things like, "This is the BEST.DAY.EVERRRRRRR!" or "This is what I ALWAYS wanted!" and it's so gratifying to get that genuine happiness and appreciation in response to something I've done for her.

I am in love with the 3 year old Wendy. I am in love with her little voice and the funny things she says. I get a little sad that she's growing up but I am in love with the different kind of fun we have together at this stage of her life.

Wendy's Current Quirks:
  • LOVES any and all movies/shows (t.v. shows) and "weedeo's" (youtube videos)
  • Ever since Ryan's dance party, loves to sing "So I put my haaaaaaands up, singin my song, butterflies fly away... noddin' my head like 'yeah,' movin' my hips like 'yeah'."
  • prefers to be told classic stories at bed time (3 little pigs, goldilocks, little red riding hood), but gets scared by the 3 bears so she picks a different, less scary animal each time. Last night I overheard her tell Ryan to tell her the story of "Goldilocks and the 3 Giraffes."
  • probably because of her name, loves Peter Pan (Disney's version), "the other peter pan" (real people), and "the different peter pan" (return to neverland) and "the old peter pan" (the play with the old lady that plays peter pan).
  • Every day wants to know what we're gonna do. She'll keep asking, "Then what are we gonna do?" until we get to something fun. She'll tell me over and over, "I wanna do something fun."
  • Dress up queen. Will pick out dress ups for Ryan & I then refer to the 3 of us as our costume all day. i.e. "Mommy-Cinderella" or "Daddy-Snow White." (Once she went in her room to "get ready" for nap time and came out like this. She calls this her shaker girl costume- it was an outfit I wore in a tap dance recital as a kid).
  • favorite word: Collage. She gathers random things from around the house and when I ask her what she's doing says, "I'm making a collage." I did't think she even knows what a collage is, so I asked her and she said, "It's when you make something." I guess she's partially right.
  • Identifies colors by princess dresses. Anything yellow is a "belle -----," pink is a "Sleeping Beautry -----," green - Tiana, purple - Rapunzel, blue - Cinderella, etc.
  • 33lbs - 75th percentile for weight; 37 1/4 inches - 50th percentile for height
  • Phrases she says wrong, but it's cute so I don't correct her: toe-foot = barefoot; breast-fast= breakfast (makes sense for Harvey); chicken-play= chick fil-a (it is where you eat chicken and play); yo ho, yo ho, gently down the stream (i don't know why she mixes these songs up, but i love it); cimanin toast= cinnamon toast; mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb, mary had a little lamb, merry christmas snow;


Jill said...

Um. Cutest party ever. Especially impressive given the Disney theme.

Wendy is a lucky little girl. Happy birthday to her!

amber buhrley said...

Thats so awesome! Looks like it was way cute. I especially loved how you called it like it was that you said you werent going to go all out and did anyway! Loved ryans comment even more! I bet there were many more to follow. Miss you guys!

Lana said...

What a cool birthday theme, I love it! And I know what you mean about three year olds having so much enthusiasm, it's so cute. Way to give a great birthday party!

jenn (+ will) said...

this will go down in history! you are an amazing mommy! i will be coming to you for lots of advice :)

Beth said...

it was such a cute party!!! And I agree with you i LOVE the 3 year old Wendy : )

Lynsey said...

You need a cape because you are 'SuperMOM'! Very cute!

Melany said...

that looks amazing! sewing capes the night before the party haha sounds like something i would do, too. great job heather!

vanessa lamb photography said...

I like how Wendy will name her dolls by the color dress they have on...all blue dressed dolls are called cinderella, yellow dressed dolls are called Bell & etc.

Love that girl!!

J, J and B said...

Near labor and planning a party like that?? Wow! You're amazing. I'm sure it was a lot of work, but dang, that's a dream birthday! You're so creative and crafty! She's such a girly girl and she IS getting so big! Happy Birthday!

cozmodrea said...

your daughter's birthday came out amazing! you have given me so many ideas. where did you buy the decal for the mirror? and where did you buy the gift well? thank you in advance.

Unknown said...

Heather, I LOVE the mirror! With you permission, I'd like to share your post on my blog as the inspiration for the Evil Queen mirror I'm making for a Hallowe'en party...

benilhalk said...

Oh my god! This can’t get any better. It is awesome! Everything is perfect here. The event venue also looks great. I am glad I came across this post before my niece’s birthday, I can actually take up ideas from here for her birthday celebration.