Monday, May 16, 2011

Getting to know Harvey

Harvey at exactly 1 week old

At 1 week:
  • is grunting ALL the time and therefore has earned himself the nicknames: "grunts/grunts mcgee"
  • looks a lot like his sister did, just with thinner lips and blonder eyebrows & eyelashes
  • has survived his big sister's pats and squeezes so far- I think she's going to make him tough, which is a good thing, right?
  • weighs 8lbs 12.5oz (the nurse at his one week appointment said it usually takes about two weeks for babies to gain enough weight to put them back at their birth weight. It only took him one. Which means he's probably going to be a big boy. I guess that's what happens when you eat every hour.)


whitneyingram said...

A while ago, Ethan was talking to his brother Ryan and Ryan commented on how our kids all look the same. He said, "What's the problem Ethan? Can't make different looking kids?"

It looks like you have our same problem.

Sharla Watene said...

LOVE HIM! Can't wait to see you guys!

Lana said...

Heehee, what a cutie! I love his little facial expressions!

Lynsey said...

He is so cute and so expressive at only one week!

J said...

Oh he's so cute! He does totally look like Wendy did too!! I love his dark hair! More photos please! :)

Caitlin said...

Congrats! Harvey is so so so cute! I usually don't think that about newborn babies (is that mean?) but seriously, he is so cute.