Monday, February 7, 2011


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I am currently deep in the throngs of nesting. My "Nesting To Do" list is filled with small to large home projects I would like to get done before this baby gets here. Many of them are somewhat unnecessary, but for some reason I feel like I HAVE to get them done NOW (i.e. re-paint my bedroom a better color). But, apparently I am not the only one nesting in this house. See for yourself...

Ugly little things aren't they? Ugly in a kinda cute way. Something interesting my bird nerd husband told me - the momma bird lays an egg every other day, then after sitting for 22 days, a baby hatches once every other day (in the order they were laid). Wouldn't it be nice only being pregnant for only 22 days? Then again, maybe not. If that were the case, I wouldn't have time to get everything done.

Pregnancy #2 - fun facts:
Deep clean the grout in my shower - DONE
Deep clean the carpets
Organize all the closets - DONE
Install recessed lighting in living room & kitchen - DONE
Paint outside of patio door with chalkboard paint - DONE
Paint my bedroom
Move computer/office space into the living room - DONE
Re-upholster & paint vintage chair
Convert current office into "Wendy's Big Girl Princess Room" - working on it
Convert Wendy's current room into baby boy nursery - working on itGet Wendy to sleep in her big girl bedroom - DONE
Get Wendy off the pacifier
Potty train Wendy - DONE
Plan New Beginnings - DONE
Decide on a double stroller - DONE
Sell/just get rid of some of these stinkin' birds (really, they kinda smell) - DONE
Sell single jogging stroller, RockBand, & microphone on craigslist
Get new dinning chairs for kitchen table
Complete enough CE Units to renew my RDH license - DONE
Throw my husband a big 30th birthday party - DONE
Throw my daughter a little princess birthday party - DONE
Have Innocencia deep clean my house


Melany said...

whew! that is quite the to-do list. i hope you get some of it done! (please take pics if you do the chalkboard paint, if we weren't renting i would so be all over that.)

dude, just sell those stinky birds. without reading what you wrote beneath, i seriously thought they were raw chicken cutlets and i was like "i thought birds were vegetarians."

Emily Ruth said...

yes, those baby birds are hideously ugly, and I also thought that they were chicken cutlets at first glance.
Good luck with your to-do list!

Shannon said...

Yuck! Baby birds sound like that would be really cute, but alas, those are scary. That's quite the to-do list. Good luck! I like the one of having someone else deep clean your house. I want that on my list. :) Also if you come up with any awesome 30th birthday party planning tips let me know. I have one to do this year too.

Beth said...

Cute blog...and one day tjose chicken cutlets will be cute too!

Well what can I do to help??? You know how much I love organizing and your dad is quite the painter.


Emily Rosell said...

those are the ugliest things i have ever seen. your bird laid eggs?!?! too funny.

Melany said...

hey miss heather, i know i already commented but i just wanted to give you a big THANK YOU for that bow tie idea. i immediately googled bow tie clips and i'm totally gonna do it. and i'm totally gonna send you one because i'm so super excited about this idea. i have zero boy stuff in my shop so i can't wait to make and list these! THANKS.

J said...

Maybe it's because I can't see those birds really well, but they look so cute! And the color is actually really cool! I hope you let Ryan do all of the cleaning! You relax mama!