Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Saturday

I am 0% hispanic (just English, Irish, Welsh, Danish, Scottish, German & Italian), but Ryan is half and my daughter is one fourth hispanic, so I feel I have earned the right to claim it and take pride in it. One of the many perks of marrying into a Mexican family, are the Mexican Easter traditions! We celebrate on Saturday (which is not a "Mexican" thing, but it works out perfectly because then we can hit up my family on Sunday).


Along with the normal hard boiled and plastic candy-filled eggs, we hunt for CONFETTI EGGS! All the grandkids "trick" the adults by telling them they want a kiss or have a secret, then smash the confetti eggs on our heads when we bend down. It's the cutest thing. The adults get pretty into it too. It didn't take too long for Wendy to catch on.

I love the combination of traditions from both mine and Ryan's childhoods that have meshed together to form a new set of slightly altered traditions for our own little family. I also love Easter and the uplifting spiritual purpose for this holiday. We get to watch General Conference on Easter Sunday (twice a year, the leaders of the LDS church broadcast their message all over the world on T.V. on the B.Y.U. channel). It will be the perfect way to celebrate.


Sarah said...

I'm Mexican too so I grew up with this lovely tradition. I think it's so neat that you now get to do this with Wendy. How fun!

Beth said...

Thanks for the cute pictures! What a little princess our Wendy is!

Please tell us what thos BIG eggs are??? Pinatas? or decorations???

Melany said...

i love the pic of wendy standing by the HUGE eggs. and you look so pretty in that pic of you and ryan! love your top, too. and those confetti eggs look awesome!

The McCullough Crew said...

So in the first picture of Wendy I have to say she looks to Alice in Wonderland-ish (at least the part where she is shrunk).

She is getting so big! We will have to set up a play-date for her and Hazel to play. Also Mikey is expecting her to hook him up with all of her southern california friends :) (Joey says!)