Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring Forward!


I don't really have a favorite season, I just love when the time comes for a change! My favorite thing about spring is definitely the flowers! And my favorite flower is definitely the RANUNCULUS- seen above. (You reading this husband?) My second favorite are hydrangeas (in case you were wondering). I think I get my appreciation for plants/nature from my dad. He's a landscape architect and that's why he knows everything about virtually every plant. That is also why he named me Heather, after the flower. That might be another reason why I love them so much.

Wendy's favorite thing about spring is getting to wear her new rain boots! She wears them around the house in her jammies. She puts them on her dolls & stuffed animals. She wants to wear them EVERYWHERE. I actually don't mind that much because they're pretty darn cute.

Ryan says his favorite part about spring is spring break. I don't quite know why, since we're not in high school anymore and he doesn't get a spring break. Maybe he's talking about the MTV show, "Spring Break." Should I be a little worried?


amber buhrley said...

What a fun post idea! I love spring too. You don't quite appreciate it as muc living in california because you can grow flowers year round. The reason I love spring so much is because it is after winter, and when you live in the snow, it is a much welcomed time of year!

jenn king said...

so cute heather!!!

Shannon said...

Ahh Spring. It's such a great season when you live in a place that has actual seasons. I love Wendy's adorable rain boots! So cute that she likes to wear them in the house and everything. Those flowers are gorgeous too. I cannot wait to get to CA and enjoy the lovely 70's weather!

Larsen Party 24/7 said...

wendy looks so cute in her peacoat and rainboots! if you could catch a picture of her in her jammies and rainboots i think i might die from the cuteness.

and i love those flowers, too, all those petal layers are so pretty.

Madelyn said...

Ranunculus is definitely my favorite too! I had them in my wedding bouquet. You're girl is getting so big! She's adorable.