Thursday, September 17, 2009

Remember Wendy?

My blog has been lacking some Wendy ever since she turned 1 and I stopped doing those monthly pictures. Now that she's almost 18 months old !?, here are some recent pictures and (mostly for myself) a long list of her current quirks:

She has grown up so much in the past month or two. She's still OBSESSED with yo gabba and is turning into a daredevil climbing up on anything she can.

Wendy's current vocabulary
"Hi" (said as 2 syllables with a cute little wave)
bye bye
mimi =grammie
mam-uh = grandma
papa =grandpa
got? (what do you got?)
wassat? (what's that?)
hot! (usually referring to food or her carseat)
bubee =brobee
pleh pleh pleh! = plex (always said at least 3x's in a row)
mumow = muno
coocoo = cooper
ah-geee & an-you = audrey & andrew (her cousins that live next door)
baba (bottle)
baby (at the site of any doll or baby up to about 1 year older than her)

itsy bitsy spider
pop corn popping

If you ask her:
Where are your pretty eyes? She'll roll her eyes and blink
Where's your nose? She'll scrunch up her nose and breath in & out of it really fast
Where's your mouth? She'll stick her tongue out and say, "BLAHH!"
Where are your hands? She'll rub them together like she's washing them
Where's your belly button? She'll lift up her shirt & show you
How big is Wendy? Raises both hands up in the air

*at the park wearing her muno beanie that great grandma witten made her!


Christy said...

So cute. I gotta get me one of those hats for Spencer. I love her little jean jacket too. Wendy is darling!

Lana said...

Wendy is so cute. And I love the knitted Yo Gabba Gabba hat!

Beth said...

That's my girl!!

Cathy Woodruff said...

I love Wendy pictures; she is so cute!!!

jenn king said...

so fun!!!

Larsen Party 24/7 said...

so cute! that beanie is awesome. i see yo gabba gabba beanies and stuff all the time on etsy. is that copy right infringement...? :)

she has a huge vocabulary! smart girl!