Thursday, September 10, 2009

In my dreams... enclosed patio room would look something like this image I found in a Better Homes & Gardens. I love the bench under the windows that goes all the way around the room. It makes for lots of seating and great storage. I also love the window coverings, maybe one day I'll get crafty and make some. 

But as a mom, I realize there are far better uses for this room (like a place to store all the BIG toys instead of letting them take over the house). What I really needed was a place to occupy Wendy while I run my 2 miles on the treadmill. So, last Thursday was spent putting together this little play area for Wendy. The BEST part about it was that the whole setup only cost me $14.07! (thanks to some great toysrus coupons and Ryan's aunt next door).

*and I still get to have my "pretty to look at/hangout/read a book and feel like you're outside without the bugs" space on the other side of the room

Wendy loves her play area. And, as you can see, the bird has found a lovely home NOT inside the house, but not quite outside either. So everyone is happy. 


jenn said...

heather this looks so perfect! i need to come over and hang out in it.

Shannon said...

Wow. Heather that room is amazing. My kids would love to come play with Wendy in her own little playground. I can't believe you did that for less than $15!!! Deal of the month! I also fully admire your dedication to exercise. I really wish I had somewhere to put an elliptical, but so far the only place I can think of is the garage and you know how often I would use it if it was out there. Anyway, great space!

Larsen Party 24/7 said...

how cute! i like that squishy slide thing in the corner. wendy's little pigtails are so cute!

Cathy Woodruff said...

I think I like your room more then Better Homes and Garden, you did a great job! The only thing missing is a close up picture of Wendy. She is such a cutie. I miss the month to month up dates on her.

Lynsey said...

Love the little play nook! Wendy is getting so big, we need to plan a play day!!

kristyn said...

I have been yearning for an enclosed sun room too; somewhere to read while warmed by the sun, but also a place to contain an escape artist. Dreamy.
Oh, I love the birdcage too. Is it silly to want one even if you have no desire to own a bird?
Please do post more pictures of cute little Wendy-- judging by the picture of her backside, she seems to be getting so big!