Tuesday, February 24, 2009

10 Months!

A day in the park with Wendy...

* crawling through the sandy tunnel
(maybe i'll be more relaxed with my next kid & not feel the need to lay a blanket out)

* she LOVES the swings!

*not quite as into the slide

Wendy's 10 month milestones:
  • height: 29 inches (80th percentile!)
  • weight: 20 lb.s (60th percentile)
  • waves "bye bye"
  • claps hands
  • Fave food: whole bananas
  • sleeping 12 hours a night (hallelujah)
  • LOVES her daddies lovebird, "Nacho" (he's taught her how to really scream. awesome.)
  • can get from her back to her bum (usually almost standing by the time I go to get her out of her crib in the morning- kinda scares me)
  • terrified of the vacuum cleaner
  • takes baths in the "big girl tub"
  • knows that the fastest way to get picked up is by going for the light socket
  • Fave toys: shoes, glasses, light sockets 

THANK YOU Vanessa for these pictures! 
I had a really hard time deciding which ones to use because they are ALL so good. 


Katie Schultz said...

She is adorable. Everytime I see her she is so happy and content- such a peaceful girl

Larsen Party 24/7 said...

i think these are my favorite month pictures of wendy. i love her smile in the first pic and the swing pic is SO cute. and she's got so much hair, it looks way thick. yay for 10 months!

Lana said...

I love that swing pic- that little girl is so cute! I can't believe she is ten months already- wow.

Mel and Dane said...

She is SO Cute!! I can't believe that she's 10 months! WOW. I just want to pinch those cheeks!!

Heather Pierre said...

Wendy is so beautiful. I am sorry I haven't been comment-ing, but that is changing.. I love her and I havnt even met her in person, that will change too. Waiting for the day. What does she want for her birthday from Paris?

Rachel said...

My favorite is the one on the swing. So cute. I think she misses her aunt Rachel and want so come play with me.

rookie cookie said...

I bet the rolls on her legs would taste great with some honey butter.

Lynsey said...

Adorable! You can tell how sweet she is just by looking at those little expressions. Love it!

Jones Family said...

Love the shoes, love the hair, love the pictures.... LOVE those thighs!