Friday, December 19, 2008

Tamale Night!

*The Becerra family! (notice: at this point I was the only blondie)

I love the fact that I married into a family with such a rich latin background and fun culture. I love the fact that Wendy has this interesting line of ancestors added to mine, I love it when Ryan speaks spanish to his grandparents, and I love the new traditions I get to enjoy...

Every year, Ryan's family celebrates the tradition of Tamale night. The whole family gets together and makes hundreds (no really, i'm not being sarcastic with that number) of tamales from scratch. We spend hours together with the whole extended family in the kitchen cooking and then we eat a bunch of them for dinner and freeze some to eat on Christmas Eve and to give to other people. This will mark my 5th year.

* I love to watch Wendy with her Great-Grandparents


Shannon said...

That last picture is so sweet. Tamale night sounds amazing! I love homemade tamales. Even though my family is not remotely hispanic we did a tamale night several years ago (led by my Dad's parents) and made hundreds of tamales. It's a lot of work though. Looks like a fun day though. Also, man, Wendy is one gorgeous gal!

Jones Family said...

mmmmmmm...... I want some tamales! That is such a fun family tradition. I want to start making tamales too!
Wendy is so cute with her great-grandparents.

Beth said...

I am so happy you married into such a wonderful family!

I love the pictures1

Larsen Party 24/7 said...

i love family traditions and this one looks like alotta fun.

so...we're in fullerton through wednesday and maybe we can come visit and our babies can meet? :) i left a message on your home phone but if you want give me a call on my cell: 435.764.1845.


amber buhrley said...

you are such a sweet daughter in law. I know they are lucky to have you!