Thursday, July 17, 2008


The west coast is the best coast, but the east coast has history! I had so much fun in Philadelphia this last weekend. It was my first time there. All the girls in my family (including Wendy) flew out there for Andrew & Nina's wedding. I LOVE the east coast. It's so lush & green, and you just don't see that kind of 18th century detailed architecture around here. 

*LOVE park, Philadelphia

I loved the nostalgia of being in the same buildings & walking the same streets as our founding fathers did. Especially so close to independence day. I've never been a history buff, I'm more of a math/science nerd, but I really enjoyed learning a lot about the history of our country. It made me so thankful for all the people who suffered to make this a free country, and proud to be an American (something that I think is not appreciated by a lot of people today). 

*horse & buggy ride through downtown philly

Highlights of the trip:
horse & buggy ride/tour of the city
awesome food & dancing at the wedding reception
drive through Valley Forge National Park
my wonderful baby who was so good on every plane ride
trying a real philly cheese-steak for the 1st time
tour through Betsy Ross's house
seeing fire-flies for the 1st time

The Not-So-Highlights of the trip:
missing my husband
cancelled flight trying to get home, stuck in the airport all day with a baby
being nauseous with the flu the whole time (not fun on a plane)
having a baby on a plane 
lugging around crap for both me and a baby 
not working t.v. on a 6 hour flight
(and to think, i used to enjoy flying)


Beth said...

I am so glad we were able to go on this trip together! Even being stuck in Philly for an extra day turned out OK. Wendy was sooooo good! You are so luckey to have such a great baby! We should plan a sisters and mom vacation (Retreat) every year!

cJb said...

Philly is the bomb!

ruth said...

Your memory made me laugh. I remeber you trying to breast feed my cabbage patch dolls.I knew then you would be a good mom! I really did hate sharing my precious Emmeliana with you

Jones Family said...

I'm so happy Wendy was such a good baby for you, but did you expect anything less? Your mom probably loved the decreased competition for Wendy. She only had to fight off Rachel and Vanessa. Your mother loves her grandbaby! Philli looks like so much fun. I love visiting the East coast too, but the west coast is better!

Shannon said...

That looks like such a fun trip! I love that you got to do a horse and buggy ride/tour in Philly. So fun. I had to laugh though at your comments about traveling with a baby. Man, vacations change so much when you have to take a baby or kid. They require so much stuff. I went to TX last summer without Weston and it was the first trip I had taken without him since he was born (he was 18 months old) and let me tell you it was amazing. I swear the plane ride alone was such a treat. :) I don't think that will be happening again for me for a long time. Glad you had a good time, got to see fire flies and that Wendy was good on the plane rides.

whit. ing. said...

Philly looks rad and your boobs look huge. Just so you know...