Friday, September 5, 2014

Harvey goes to "presthchool"


  • Wendy's prayer for him the night before: "Please bless that he'll have a good day at school, make new friends, won't miss mommy or be sad, learn good things, have fun with Miss Lisa and Miss Julie" really touching for a big sister that he pesters and fights with all the time.

  • For his bedtime story the night before, we read the book "The Night Before Preschool" and changed the main character's name to Harvey.

  • laying in his crib, Harvey asks me what he's going to do there tomorrow. I answer, " You're going to play, do art crafts, have snacks, and play some more." Very concerned, he asks, "But when am I going to learn things?!"

  • Wanted just daddy to take him to school like Wendy so they took they're own car.

  • Did his hair with daddy's pomade and kept checking it in the mirror.

  • Had the biggest smile on his face all morning and especially when we got there.

  • Was so excited to go in he was holding my hand and jumping up and down.

  • We signed him into the classroom, got his heart shaped name tag and put his back pack in his cubby (#20) held his hand and showed him around the classroom. looked at all the toys, cars, animals...

  • Mommy was relieved when a friend from church, Max, unexpectedly came in with his mom. Harvey didn't know him, but I knew his mommy and we introduced the boys to each other and showed each other their back packs and led them to the pile of cars to play together.

  • Teacher had them sit on the carpet, went over the rules and where the potty was. Harvey keeps looking back and smiling at me. Teacher has them wave good bye to the parents. Ryan and I wave and walk out the door. Someone opens the door for me and I feel rushed. I go back and give him a couple big hugs and kisses, He doesn't seem nervous at ALL but I can tell he's happy I came back.

*with cutest girl Whitney Sneddon

*with best friend Max Chase

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