Saturday, December 13, 2014

A name and a blessing for Junie B

June's blessing day was the warmest, most beautiful day in December this year. We had a great day and an amazing turn out for a baby #3 blessing. (Sometimes I feel like the first baby gets the most attention and celebration. Then, with each consecutive child that is born in a family, the celebration and attention slowly reduces). But we were surrounded by so many friends and family that day, love and support we felt was overwhelming. 

At church that day, while Ryan was giving our baby a name and a blessing, he felt inspired to change her name. When we left the hospital, her legal name was Juniper Bea Williams. The "Bea" was for the letter B which for her grandmothers: Beth and Bobbi. But when we received her social security card in the mail, it hit me a little that it didn't quite look right. Maybe it was because that was the first time I saw her name typed out, or maybe it's because her first name is a little unique and I didn't think it was fair to ALSO give her a middle name that most people wouldn't quite know how to pronounce either. It also kind of looked like the name of the city we live in, which is Brea. I don't know, it just didn't sit right with me. I talked to Ryan about this a little and he agreed, but we didn't think we'd do anything about it. 

But during June's blessing Ryan felt prompted to say "The name by which she should be known by is 'Juniper Belle Williams...'" Down in my pew, with my head bowed and my eyes closed I smiled to myself. It was perfect. Belle is Ryan's grandmother's name (technically it's "Isabelita" but she goes by Belle). I love it so much. I love that it's a family name. I love that it's still the initial B like both her grandmothers. I love that it flows with her first name and often call her "Junie-Bell." And I get the feeling that someday she will love that it is the name of a Disney princess. 

I really love all my childrens' names but I'm pretty sure I love Juniper's the most. I love her full name. Juniper is an evergreen tree, a botanical name, just like mine. It's covered in beautiful periwinkle-blue berries and smells just like Christmas. With her middle name, I think of Christmas bells on an ever green tree and it reminds me of the year she was my newborn during the holidays. There's something magical about having a newborn during the holidays- bunkering down in our cozy home, cuddling my fresh new baby with the christmas tree lit up, it was all wonderful. But her nickname, "June," I love just as much. Not only is it the most adorable name out there, but it makes me think of summertime and sunshine. She is my earthy, all-seasons baby. 



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