Sunday, January 10, 2016

Harvey's 4th Birthday Party!

For Harvey's 3rd birthday, I literally stuck a small Darth Vader action figure on a leftover, re-frosted mini cake and called it his "Star Wars Party" and it was the best thing that ever happened to him. We didn't have any friends over, no pinata or party games, no real decorations... It was just our family plus grandparents over for dinner on a Sunday night for some cake, ice cream and a few presents. He was over the moon and still talks about his "Star Wars Party" to this day with a twinkle in his eye. My boy, my middle child, my sweet sweet optimistic always grateful one who doesn't always get as much as the other two kids because he doesn't demand as much and is always SO happy with the smallest of gestures. 

 So THIS year, I decided to throw him an ACTUAL birthday party. That means one with friends (four friends because you're turning four years old), games (ninja star toss, freeze dance to "Go Ninja," and pin the mask on the turtle), giftbags, decorations, and a pinata. I asked him what theme he wanted for this birthday, he didn't hesitate, "I want a Star Wars-Legos-Ninja Turtles party!" I could maaaybe combine Star Wars and Legos, but I'm not good enough to combine all three, so he decided to do one at a time, starting this year with Ninja Turtles! Easy. Ninja Turtles love pizza, so pizza party. Done! Turtle Power!





Happy Birthday to my favorite little boy in the whole world!

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