Monday, July 15, 2013

The Nines

Ryan and I splurged a little on our awesome hotel. We stayed at The Nines. It has an art gallery and a roof top restaraunt. The decor is to die for (lots of my favorite color, light turquoise) and. fun fact: Clark Gable used to work there before he became an actor. 

*last 3 photos from google images

*chocolates made by the in house chocolatier just for us

Our view was rad, in the middle of downtown, Pioneer Square, and right across from the old courthouse.

As soon as we checked in and checked out our room, we hit the town.  Our friend Abi Bowden, who grew up near Portland, gave us a great list of things to do and see, so we scoped out the location of all the sites we wanted to see in reference to our hotel (ALL within walking distance). Since it was our ACTUAL anniversary, we decided to go to a nice restaurant that evening. 

We went to the Portland City Grill, on the 30th floor of the tallest building in Portland (as a mandatory recommendation from our friend Abi). The view was breathtaking and only got better as the sun went down. The city has a river running through the middle of it (just like Paris) with beautiful bridges crossing over the water. The food was... I can't even tell you. SO SO good. SO. GOOD.

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