Thursday, June 27, 2013

It's a....

For convenience sake I've gone to all my doctors appointments alone during pregnancy number 3 (accept for the first ultrasound which Ryan came to, but still, SO different from pregnancy number 1). It's just easier to schedule my appointments super early in the morning and go before Ryan leaves for work so he can stay home with Harvey. 

As I headed to my 21 week ultrasound appointment, I fully intended to find out the sex of our third child by myself, then maybe tell Ryan in a fun way. My heart was pumping with excitement when I laid back on the table. The ultrasound technician asked me if I'd like to know the sex and I told her I did. She asked if I wanted to know right then and there or if I wanted her to right it down and seal it in an envelope so I could open it with my family. "Oh... just tell me. I don't want to wait." I told her. But as I laid back and watched the screen while she took measurements of my baby's little head, arms, legs and heart I thought, "What am I doing? I need to make this special." So I told her, on second thought, maybe I would like her to put it in an envelope. 

On my way home from the appointment I decide to take the envelope to Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor in Brea and tell the waitress to bring us a banana split with pink strawberry ice cream if it's a girl and a combo of chocolate and vanilla ice cream if it's a boy (because I don't think there is a blue ice cream flavor other than the bubble gum ice cream that I've only ever seen at Grandma's Ice Cream Shop on Main Street in Seal Beach). To be honest, Ryan and I both kinda hate Farrell's,  too crowded, WAY too loud, the wait is too long and the food isn't that great. But I know they're really good at making an occasion feel important and exciting. I also feel it would be fun to let the kids be a part of it. 

So, that evening we go to Farrells and wait in famous line outside that is there every waking hour (it's kinda genius- they make everyone waiting for a table wait in a standing only line outside on the corner of a busy intersection. It makes the place look bumpin, and nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd.) It was a nice night so we told the hostess we'd sit outside. It turned out to be perfect because the noise and crowds aren't so crazy out there either. 

When we told the waitress what we were doing, she was so giddy for us. She thanked us for letting her be a part of something so intimate and special. She asked us what we wanted/thought it was. Ryan and I both felt it was a boy in the earlier stages of the pregnancy, then switched to feeling like it was a girl. With the first two, I just knew. I don't know how but I did. Not true with this one. We explained that we'd be happy either way, but Wendy really wanted a sister so it would be fun if it was a girl. (I was a little worried she'd be bummed if it was a boy because she wanted a sister SO bad. I told her it might be a boy and asked her how she would feel, she said "I would still love the baby if it was a boy. Baby Zeke and baby Gray are boys and I love them... but I still really really really want a sister.")

Our waitress was great! My heart started pumping faster and harder waiting for her to come back. Then I saw a group of waitresses making their way through the crowded restaurant. I strained to see what color the ice cream was, but she had covered the ice cream with whipped cream so we had to take a bite to find out - such a good idea. None of the waitresses had ever done this before so they all wanted to see. They wanted to sing us a song, but didn't have one memorized for this kind of occasion. They put a candle on top and lit it and sang an impromptu song, I think it was the first one they could think of with the word "baby" in it. "Ooooh, baby I love your ways, every day-ay-eee-ay..." they sang and snapped in unison. Wendy and I took a bite together. PINK!! I screamed. Ryan said, "I knew it!" Wendy grinned from ear to ear. Harvey said, "Hey! I want some!" It was so much better than being told by a stranger while I laid there alone. I was elated that Wendy could have the little sister she wanted so badly and suddenly it felt as if I'd always known it was a girl. 

*just look at that little face! can't you feel how excited she was? not to mention the outfit channeling her inner desire of "please let it be pink!"

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