Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!


HAPPY day of LOVE! I got to spend mine with my children and some of my best girlfriends, Emily and Sharla. Emily decided to throw together a Valentine's tea. She went all out with hot herbal tea, homemade lemon-poppy seed scones, salad, pastries and heart-shaped finger sandwhiches. The table was decorated with cake pedestals, tea pots, and tea cups in the cutest colors. We all lounged around while the children ran around hyper from the candy they had all stuffed themselves with from their school valentine's parties. It was so nice to get out of my house.

*photos by amelia lyon
As for me and my man, our Valentine's tradition is to keep it special but low key. A card, a treat, some flowers, a yummy restaurant and a movie. Just the way I like it. This year he got to pick the restaurant (sushi) and I got to pick the movie (Life of Pi - I like to see all the Oscar nominated films that aren't rated-r before Oscar Sunday. PLUS I read the book and really liked it). Then we always spend our low key Valentines date dreaming up our anniversary getaway for one month later. For our anniversary every year, we pick a city (preferably one we've never been to before) and explore it. This year we decided on Portland, Oregon. Sounds random, but I'm really excited! Some years we go big, like Paris, France. Some years we go small, like Los Angeles. This year we wanted to go medium. We wanted to have to at least get on an airplane. Neither one of us have ever been there. We're going to stay in a RAD hotel called "The Nines," where Clark Gable worked before becoming an actor. We've mapped out some of the things we want to do, but I'd love any suggestions if you have any!

I can't tell you how much I love this man and exploring new places with him.


abigayl said...

I'm so happy you are going to my old stomping grounds! I have more restaurant suggestions if you want them. :)

Melany said...

you will LOVE portland! paul's sister lived there for a while so we've been a few times. i loved the big rose garden they have, and multnomah falls was soo pretty.

Shannon said...

What a lovely Valentine's Day! I think you guys will love Portland. My husband is from just east of there and so he knows his way around and we have explored a little bit. My favorite Portland things are Powell's Books (a ginormous bookstore), Voodoo donuts, and driving over the bridges. It's absolutely gorgeous!