Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Strollin' with the hommies...

I have waddled my sciatic nerve ALL OVER Babies R Us, Sports Chalet, Bergstroms, you name it, trying to test out double strollers to see how well they glide, fold, lay back, ect. NONE of them had the strollers I was looking for (even though they claimed they did online). Then I took Wendy to Disneyland last week... WHY didn't I think of this sooner? Disneyland is a stroller shopper's DREAM! I worked up the guts to interrogate strangers on why they love/hate these three strollers, but I was too chicken to ask if I could actually pushthem around for a second. I wish I would have inherited some of my mom's gusto and just gone for it.
P.S. I have to apologize. This is a selfish blog post. It's solely for me to organize my thoughts and maybe get some good advice. I feel like I'm buying a new car. I need this thing to last. I've narrowed my double-stroller hunt down to 3:

These are the features I'm looking for:
Large Sun Shade Canopy
Smooth ride (not too heavy to push)
Easy to push through doorways (not too wide)
Separated seating (difficult for the kids to mess with/reach each other)
Relatively easy (for a double stroller) to fold up and throw in the trunk
Ability to lay both seats ALL the way back (for a newborn & in case both kids are asleep)
Decent storage space

Any advice?

This is pretty amazing.
I usually just skip to 1:13 minutes in when it becomes a double.


Brynn said...

I LOVE my Phil and Teds. My only complaint is that the kid in the back can kick the seat in front. So the kid in the front freaks out. But it took about 20 months for Liam to figure out how to bug his sister.
But shopping for a stroller is seriously business!!!! Good luck!

Melany said...

whoa that is amazing when she flips the 2 seats both ways and you think she's done and then BAM how about a bassinet thingy? pretty cool. i like the look of the slimmer ones myself, the side by side ones might drive me crazy with the wideness.

Shannon said...

I don't have any experience with those specific strollers, but my friend has the Phil and Ted's Inline Buggy and she loves it. It seems like the kid in back gets the short end of the stick though since they can't see anything. Not a problem with a baby, but once they get a little older I would think they wouldn't really like it. Good luck with a final decision! Oh and that Disneyland photo is classic. :)

The Childrens Corner said...

Hello there!

I am a new reader to your sweet little family blog...hope you don't mind. You are fun to read, and your little girl is so darling!

I have started a new little blog called The Children's Corner and I would like to possibly feature her in a new post I am calling "Stylish Kids". She's got some serious style and I'd love to share. We would be tickled pink to feature her.

What do you think? Let us know either way.



Rachel said...

When I was a nanny in Huntington Beach I think they had stroller number 3. I LOVED it. So easy to maneuver and the kids could lay all the way back. There was a lot of storage under and it had two cup holders. I don't know if it would be good for a newborn though because there isn't really any side support to keep them in. But if he's laying down I guess its okay. Good luck!

Lynsey said...

Stroller shopping is like buying a new car. I spent months looking before #2 came and still wasn't sure. I looked at all three of those and was down to two: the city elite and bumbleride twin. I went with the bumbleride for a few reasons. #1 it fit easily in my honda accord. #2 it laid all the way down #3 it came with so many cool extras. I love it! And meets all your criteria. you should check it out

vanessa lamb photography said...

I like #1 the best. I know i'm not a mom but double strollers were a part of my life while i was a nanny, and the side by side ones are LAME. And #2 seems hard to push cause the one wheel in the front, those are a pain to make turns with. I hope that helps!

The Bogren's said...

number 1, becuase it looks awesome! Sorry, not very good advice =)

J said...

Baby Jogger City Double!! Who would have guessed picking a stroller would include so much research. I'm sure you'll find the right one. And yes, I can totally see your mom asking to push the strollers around for a test drive. She's awesome!

Emily Ruth said...

I totally want #1, but it's too expensive for me :(