Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Au Revoir Paris

Leaving Paris was definitely bitter sweet. I could have stayed a lot longer, but by day 4 - 5 I started missing my sweet baby girl. If Wendy was with us, I could have happily stayed all summer. I probably would have HAD to stay all summer to get all the things we did in. Lugging a toddler around and sticking to nap and bedtime schedules to prevent a terrible-two-year-old-meltdown would have slowed us down a lot.

I was worried I might get the cold shoulder for leaving her for a week. She did just the opposite. She held me tight and let me smother her for a couple days. I felt like she grew up way too much while we were gone. She amazes me everyday with the things she says and how cute she is. I love this little girl so much.

* if you want your 2 yr old to be happy throughout an entire photoshoot, stash a sucker in your purse

Wendy's current quirks:
  • She has cutest lisp ("S" and sometimes "P" becomes "th")
  • She LOVES to sing all the time (any disney princess song, wizard of oz songs, happy birthday - which becomes "hattha birthday" with the lisp, little church songs, the horribly cheesy song one of her barbies sings when you press a button, every yo gabba song ever written, ABC's, twinkle twinkle little star, etc.)
  • Like her dad, she's really good with names. I don't know how they do it.
  • Speaking of names, she likes to call us by our other names when she's being silly. She knows daddy's other name is "Ryan," but she thinks my other name is "babe," because that's what Ryan calls me. This morning she was calling for me from her crib, "BAAAAAAAAAABE! I'm awaAAAAKE! BAAAAAAABE! Where ARE you?! Get me OUT babe!"


J said...

I'm bummed Paris is over. I was living vicariously through you for a few weeks! What a trip though. And, I am in LOVE with Wendy's hair. So cute.

Shannon said...

Man Wendy is getting big. What a beautiful girl she is too. Weston said he hopes his sister will look like that. :) I think 2 is such a fun age. Sure they can throw some fits, but their talking is so cute and they are learning so much. I remember being really amused when Weston learned our "other" names. But calling you babe from the crib is just hilarious.

Shawni said...

I love that Wendy calls you babe...that is awesome!!!

Sarah said...

Wendy is super cute! I love her little dress is these pictures.

Emily Rosell said...

I LOVE that she called you Babe. hilarious and those pictures are to die for. miss personality all over them.
sad about your paris trip ending...the pics were incredible.

Caitlin said...

Wendy is exactly half and half of her mom and dad. She is so cute! I am loving the blue sucker with the blue dress. Your trip looked amazing. Paris has gone up on my list of places to see because of your beautiful pictures.

Beth said...

I LOVE these photos of Wendy Lu!! The blue sucker matched the dress...which I am sure you planned.

I know I have always said that Wendy looks just like you did, but the older she gets I have to admit that a little of Ryan is showing up...in a cute way : )

Grandma would like a 5X7...please! of any of these pictures and a wallet would be nice too.

I am sad your Paris blog is over too. (I think you should make a book of your Paris Blog.)It was so much fun to relive our trip

jenn said...

CUTEST WENDY PICS EVER!!!! :) she is totally growing up, weird!

Larsen Party 24/7 said...

cute pics of wendy! i love how you coordinated her sucker with her dress. she is such a toddler now! so funny that she calls you "babe".

Luisa said...

Hey Heather! I just saw that you went to Paris and ended up reading through your entire trip...Marc and I went about 4 years ago, and that was a total trip down memory lane for me looking at your pictures and reading through how you felt about it. I think you and I are identical when it comes to Paris:) I felt the exact same way about everything you said! And Tuilerie Gardens was my absolute favorite too. It was just perfect. It really did live up to being the most romantic feeling city. Anyway, you have tons of BEAUTIFUL photos...I only wish I had your photography skills when I was there:)
We were actually at the Brea 3rd ward a few weeks ago and talked to Ryan at church. It would be fun to see you...we'll have to set up to hang out with all you guys. (And your daughter is SO cute)