Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Paris, Day 6

On our sixth day in Paris, we did exactly what I wanted to do from the moment I started saving my pennies 6 months earlier. We spent a leisurely day in the city, taking it all in and stopping in every cute little shop we saw. We took lots of pictures, rode bikes, took slow hand held walks through the tuilleries gardens, people watched, ate at cafes and got little pastries here and there.

This was one of the cutest shops in all of Paris. It was a tea/herbs & spices shop. I was drooling at the windows. I love everything about this shop, from the onings and the art hanging in the window to the color scheme and the little green 34's showing the address. SO cute.

I spent a little too much time in this French book shop. They had me at the children's book window display. I LOVE children's books, so I figured this would be a great souvenir for Wendy (better for her than the sugary treats we brought home for most others). I grabbed so many, it was hard to narrow them down. Now that we're home and our chocolate and macaroons are eaten, I wish I wouldn't have narrowed down so much.

One thing I remembered from doing my pre-trip research on Paris, was that StephModo said there were blue doors everywhere. I didn't realize that she meant EV.ER.Y.WHERE. In every shade of blue you could possibly imagine. It was beautiful. I started snapping pictures of my favorite ones. I wish the United States were a little older so our buildings and doors had this much character.

We parked our velib bikes and went to the old opera house. It was like being inside another French palace, extravagant and ornate. I loved it. Warning: we took lots of pictures there.

*ryan's opera debut

*my debut as Evita. I loved this view of the city. I felt like I owned the place.


After touring the opera house, we continued our bike ride around the city. I had asked (begged) my mom to do a mini photoshoot of us around Paris on our last day, which my wonderful mother did and made me feel like she loved it as much as I did (even though I know she was working hard). So on this bike ride, we scoped out some good locations for our mini photoshoot (pictures to come later).


Shannon said...

Wait, this wasn't the mini photo shoot? ;) All your pictures are so fabulous. My favorite is the blue doors collage. They are so gorgeous and have so much character. I wish a blue door would match my house.
PS-Opera house looks A-mazing.

Chrissy said...

love the blue doors. you are your Father's daughter!

p.s. every outfit I've seen you wearing is adorable, you look like you belong there!

julie said...

Your pics are amazing. I've never wanted to really travel much, but your pictures are making me want to go to there someday! It sounds like you had a fab time.

J said...

What a good husband Ryan was to endulge you with an entire day planned by you! It looked as if he enjoyed it! I love the blue doors and your photo shoot!!

jenn king said...

these are so unreal! they're dreamy! i can't wait to see the photoshoot!!!

Melany said...

i love the collage of all the blue doors. so pretty! the paris opera house was one of my FAVORITE things to see. everything was so lush and fancy. so lucky to have a photographer mom there with you!

Beth said...

Love this blog!! I get to relive my entire trip!

But it has been a while...When are you going to post again????

I want to see my photoshoot of you both. I am curoius to see which ones where your favorite