Sunday, January 10, 2016

Wendy's 7th Birthday Party!

I tried to put a system in place to cut back on birthday parties for my kids. I decided to only throw them real parties (as in more than just having the grandparents over for cake and presents) every couple years on the "big/important" years, like: 1yr, 5 yrs, 8 yrs, 12yrs, and 16 yrs. BUT... I realized that wouldn't help me at all since Harvey & Wendy's bdays are a week apart and I'd still be throwing parties for BOTH of them on those years AND I realized that (despite the stress and cost) I actually kinda like throwing my kids birthday parties. They love it so so much too. SO... here we go. Wendy's new/real people cinderella pary (as apposed to the old/cartoon cinderella). 

Wendy was pretty set on having a Monster High party. Gag me. Those dolls/cartoons are such bratty hoochies, I just couldn't. So after we saw the new Cinderella movie and she mentioned that she might want THAT to be the theme of her party I was all over that like a box of glazed krispy kremes.



We set Wendy's hair with sponge curlers the night before her party. She is so like me when it comes to this kind of stuff. She LOVES it, just like I did at her age (and still do). Thanks to my mom she was decked out head to toe in NEW Cinderella apparel. 


*Wendy & sweet little Lily Munier


The weather was perfect, cool and overcast just like I like it. But we ended up leaving in the rain. The kids loved it! Luckily, the rain started just as the party ended. It was a fun way to wrap it up.